Claudia Beresford

Software Engineer @ Pivotal

Claudia is a Software Engineer at Pivotal. She has worked on various bits of CloudFoundry since 2015, and is now part of CF's container RootFS management team

talkContainer FS: Adapt or Die

Since 2011, before containers were containers, CloudFoundry has been coming up with groundbreaking new methods of dealing with processes and isolation in production. Over the last five years, different filesystems were used as the underlying structure for what now are called containers, to meet every new demand as they appeared. In this talk Tiago and Claudia will discuss the pros and cons of each adopted filesystem, pointing out the reasons for each pivot and the lessons learned in the process. Starting with AUFS in Warden “containers”, through turbulent experiences with BTRFS, finally they will demonstrate CloudFoundry’s current reliable and more maintainable solution using Overlay+XFS.

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