Michael Hausenblas

Developer Advocate @ Red Hat

Michael is a Developer Advocate at OpenShift by Red Hat where he helps appops to build and operate distributed services. His background is in large-scale data integration, Hadoop/NoSQL and IoT and he's experienced in advocacy and standardization (W3C and IETF). Michael contributes to open source software such as OpenShift and Kubernetes and shares his experience with distributed systems and large-scale data processing through code, blog posts and public speaking engagements.

talkCan you restore and upgrade your Kubernetes cluster without downtimes?

As motivated in https://hackernoon.com/introducing-reshifter-for-kubernetes-backup-restore-migration-upgrade-ffaf78da36 there are currently not many end-to-end solutions available for backing up, restoring and live upgrading Kubernetes clusters. In this talk you’ll learn about the challenges of Kubernetes Disaster Recovery, backup/restore solutions and we’ll also see the ReShifter tool (http://reshifter.info/) in action.

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