Jussi Nummelin

Lead Architect @ Kontena, Inc

Jussi Nummelin has architected and operated numerous software platforms and applications during his 15+ year career. Having worked for companies ranging from mobile operator Elisa to telecom systems and mobile phone provider Nokia to systems integrator Digia, Jussi has gained deep and wide experience in creating and running highly scalable fault tolerant systems. Having boldly gone to production with the Docker 0.6 release at his previous company and being hard headed, Jussi stayed in the container business and is now one of the core engineers building container orchestration at Kontena, Inc.

talkBuilding geographically distributed microservices with containers

Running applications and services across several cloud providers and/or data centers can bring many benefits for organisations. Actually, in some cases it can even be a mandatory requirement. Making your application stack compliant with multiple cloud providers can be problematic as there are differences between cloud providers, for example in networking configurations. And to make things even more difficult, you should have a way to secure the intra-services’ communications between many cloud providers. In practice this means cumbersome network configurations with VPN and other networking security solutions. Luckily containers and modern (container) overlay networks can solve this complexity for you.

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