Angus Lees

Senior Software Engineer @ Bitnami

Angus Lees is a Senior Software engineer with Bitnami, working on and with Kubernetes. He has decades of experience with Linux and the Free Software community, including 9 years working with Google’s internal cluster and networking infrastructure, several years as an OpenStack developer for Rackspace, and nearly 20 years with the Debian project. He has been an upstream Kubernetes contributor since version 0.5 and is the principal author of the Kubernetes OpenStack cloud provider.

talkKubernetes and the Rise of Serverless

There is an ongoing transition in infrastructure plumbing as successive technology layers emerge, evolve and mature. Containers and Pods are now the lowest compute unit, and the building blocks become “applications/services” rather than “servers”. We look at Kubernetes applications definition and how serverless computing fits within this new model, putting the focus on application design and operation rather than on bare infrastructure.

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