Jonathan Boulle

Director of Systems Engineering @ NStack

Jonathan is Director of Systems Engineering at NStack, building a distributed and containerised technology platform for data analytics. In the containers world he's a maintainer of the OCI Image Specification project and member of the CNCF's Technical Oversight Committee. Prior to NStack, he led the containers engineering team at CoreOS, working on projects like appc, rkt, and Kubernetes; and in an earlier life worked on Twitter's cluster management platform based on Apache Mesos and Aurora. He's passionate about building healthy technical communities, the Oxford comma, and developing well-defined systems software that scales.

talkOCI and Open Container Standards

In 2015, the Open Container Initiative was formed to establish common standards around application container images and runtimes. Both specifications are fast approaching version 1.0, an important milestone release for the container ecosystem. This talk will explore some of the history of efforts to create standards for containers, describe the particulars of the OCI specifications today, and talk about what the future holds for users.

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