Vishal Biyani

CTO @ Infracloud Technologies

Vishal Biyani has worked across the whole spectrum of SDLC from developing code to deploying it and supporting customer tickets. Vishal's roles spanned from consulting Fortune 500 customers on DevOps assessment to hands down platform building for internet scale companies. Vishal is a DevOps practitioner, likes to work in Agile environments with focus on TDD. Vishal's interests span continuous delivery, enterprise DevOps, containers and security. When not typing, Vishal can be found cycling, photographing or flipping pages.

talkDeploying Serverless on Kubernetes with Funktion, Iron Functions & Fission

The talk will demo running serverless (Function as a service) style frameworks on top of Kubernetes. We will compare Funktion from Fabric8, Iron Functions and Fission from Platform9; each framework comes with its strength & weaknesses be it connectors or maturity of deployment. We will evaluate and demo these frameworks from POV of 1) Built in triggers 2) Cold start capability 3) Runtime availability 4) Ease of use: deployment and operations 5) Additional features such as API gateway etc. We will demonstrate two distinct use cases one with low latency requirement and one without.

workshopKubernetes 101 with Vishal (Beginner)

The workshop will start with setting up a Kubernetes cluster and understanding the components of the architecture. We will show how to interact with Kubernetes with Kubectl & API. Next we will cover basic types such as POD, ReplicaSet, Service, Ingress, StatefulSet, Labels & selectors in concept and one sample of each deployed to a live cluster. Next we will compose an application composed of various types we discussed earlier and deploy to cluster. The last section will cover areas such as networking, storage, integration with the underlying cloud provider and one sample each.

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