Rachit Arora

Senior Developer @ IBM

Rachit Arora is a Senior Developer at IBM,India Software Labs. He is key designer of the IBM's offerings on Cloud for Hadoop ecosystem . He has extensive experience in architecture, design and agile developmemt. Rachit is an expert in application development in Cloud architecture and development using hadoop and it's ecosystem.

talkRunning Hadoop Clusters as a Service in Production using Containers

In order to build and deploy an analytic service on Cloud is a challenge and bigger challenge is to maintain the service. Users are moving towards the model where they want to provision an instance of service on the fly and use it for analytics and done with the service when done. Containers is now proven technology to deploy and distribute modules quickly, easily and reliably. Intent of this talk is to share the experience of building such service. Usually it takes weeks to provision a production/enterprise ready hadoop cluster. In this Session we will give details on how we have build a platform which is offering Hadoop Clusters to the user within 4 mins out of which 2-3 mins are used be various hadoop components to start. In This we will also discuss the framework used to deploy 1000s of containers on 100s of machine and efficiently handle resource management. In this session there will be discussion on how stateless containers help in patching 1000s of containers in very short time.

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