Brendan Burns

Director of Engineering @ Microsoft Azure

Brendan Burns is a director of engineering at Microsoft Azure, where he is responsible for leading the Azure Container Services and Azure Resource Manager teams. Previously, Brendan worked at Google on cloud APIs and web search infrastructure and was a professor of computer science at Union College. Brendan is one of the co-founders of Kubernetes container orchestration technology, which has grown into one of the most popular open source projects. Brendan holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science and Studio Art from Williams College.

talkContainer Journey: Past, Present, and Future

Opening Keynote

workshopSolutioning with Brendan Burns

Love white boards? Have burning distributed systems or container orchestration on Azure cloud challenges that are blocking your business from achieving technological nirvana? Bring them with you to this University style problem solving and solutioning session where Brendan Burns will deliver a lecture on devops and the future of container orchestration, followed up by engaging with the audience in real-time solutioning. Come prepared with your challenges, raise your hand, introduce the difficulty, and we’ll put our collective minds to the test in some informal side-by-side communal engineering fun.

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