Luke Bond

Senior DevOps Engineer @ UK Home Office

Luke is a developer-turned-DevOps engineer with a varied background and a passion for continuous delivery and helping teams unlock their full productivity and quality potential through DevOps practices and containers. In the early days of Docker and CoreOS Luke built an open-source container PaaS called Paz.

workshopBuilding a Kubernetes Operator (Advanced)

In 2016, CoreOS announced "Operators", a semi-automatic weapon for automation of operations for complex, stateful services- the kind of service that fall outside of the easy-to-automate services commonly discussed in the PaaS and container world. In this workshop, we will write our own Operator for a real, complex, distributed service: PostgreSQL. You will also learn about how Operators relate to other Kubernetes concepts such as StatefulSets, ReplicaSets and Deployments. We will build the Operator in Golang; even if you have only a very basic familiarity with Golang you will still find the workshop useful, as the workshop will work towards the solution iteratively, providing all code along the way. Whilst this is an advanced topic, we will do our best to accommodate all levels of experience.

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